Round up of books Jan 2022

  • Crying in H Mart — Michelle Zauner
  • Block Kong — Charles D’Haussey and Jame DiBiasio
  • Home Stretch — Graham Norton
    I know Graham Norton from his fantastic talk show — but as it turns out, he’s also a fantastic writer. This follows a community reeling in the aftermath of a tragedy; how the families cope with grief and how humans are really good at believing in what they want to believe.
  • Leviathan Wakes — James S. A. Corey
    Another one recommended by my friend. Humanity has reached the far flung parts of our solar system. Political affiliations are planet-based and the relative peace the solar system has enjoyed is wearing thin. A detective is tasked with dragging a rich girl back to her parents; but she goes missing. The captain of a water carrier witnesses a massacre and accidentally pins it on the Martian army. Something is going on behind the scenes, but no one can say what.
    Fast-paced with amazing character development and peppered really interesting questions — such as the preservation of humanity’s culture (and what that even means).




Venture builder at fail ventures.

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Katerina Yip

Katerina Yip

Venture builder at fail ventures.

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