Katerina Yip Explains How Networking Can Jump-Start Your Career

Connecting with other professionals in your field can be a huge help when it comes to developing your career. When you network with others in your area, you can build personal and professional relationships that could benefit you in the near or distant future.

Networking may have been made difficult by the coronavirus pandemic with the absence of in-person events. However, it is still one of the most important things you can do to increase your professional visibility and profile. When you engage in networking, you will draw on your contact’s skillsets and enhance your brand.

Katerina Yip shares the reasons why networking is so important and how individuals can build their professional networks.

Why is Networking Important?

All working people can benefit from networking, as can people who are currently unemployed and looking for a new position.

Networking involves building mutually beneficial relationships with people you encounter at work or in your social life. People who are the most connected are generally the most successful. Investing in your personal and professional relationships can help to pay you back for your time throughout your career.

Networking improves and develops your skillset. It helps you stay abreast of the job market. It helps you stay current within your industry. It can help you meet future mentors and clients.

Exchanging Ideas

New ideas can come from networking. These ideas could have a positive impact on your business. Sharing thoughts with fellow business executives can give you a more creative ability to think your way out of problems and set your company apart from the competition.

Career Development and Networking

Most companies do not invest significantly in employee development. This task falls to you to complete yourself. Networking can bring you opportunities to connect with many different types of mentors, help you become more visible to senior management, and improve your people skills.

Networking can make you more visible within your career. People who network frequently build a higher profile. This can help individuals who are focused on succeeding in business and politics.

New Opportunities

When you network frequently, you will be able to take advantage of new opportunities. You may hear about innovations in the market from your acquaintances, and you may be able to move into these new markets before anyone else. This could present a considerable advantage for your business.

Helping to Plan Advancement

Networking is great for people who are interested in moving up in their careers. Taking a look at the levels of your chosen position can give you an idea of how much room there is to advance. Networking with others who have made that journey can help you discover how you can get there yourself.

Improving Creativity

When you have someone, you can share ideas with, and you become more creative. You may be able to build on your friend’s ideas and create a new opportunity. Sharing ideas creates an enhanced mindset and allows people to find common ground.

Sharing Resources

Networking can bring you a new set of resources to use when you have a question. Instead of doing your original research, you can ask someone from your network about their experiences. They should be able to offer their help to you in this situation.

High-Profile Support

Having high-profile support from professionals in your field can help you overcome difficulties. These people can champion you if you are looking to rise in your career, and they can help to get you in touch with additional sources of information.

Networking During a Pandemic

Today’s circumstances have made it difficult for many professional networking events to take place. There are many other avenues that you can take to build your professional network during Covid.

Digital connections are becoming more important than ever before. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be great ways to connect with other professionals in your field.

Increase Your Networking Efficiency

Rather than making every connection you can manage, be selective about who you choose. When you talk to your contacts, be clear in what you offer to them. Being upfront with your priorities will help you create a beneficial relationship.

Talk to Old Contacts

When you are networking, you may be so focused on bringing in new people, and you may forget to stay in contact with your previous networking partners. You should not miss the opportunity to reestablish these connections.

Building a Professional Network for Success

Exploring the possibilities of networking can help you enhance your career. However, networking shouldn’t always be a one-way street. You will need to offer your network the same level of help that you would expect in return.

Katerina Yip knows that networking can help establish a successful career and expand on available opportunities. She encourages everyone in the business world to attend virtual events, spend time calling and talking with peers, and find ways to make new acquaintances who could be an integral part of your network.

Entrepreneur in residence. University of Durham Alumni. Located in Hong Kong.