Disneyland was built in 366 days. Here are some other examples of teams moving fast, passionately.

  1. Visa shipped in 90 days. Dee Hock, who was given the task, managed to sign up more than 100,000 customers in that time.
  2. Apollo 8 shipped to the moon in 134 days.
  3. Java script shipped in 10 days.
  4. The New York Subway shipped 28 stations in 4 years. This was initially commissioned in 1900 and launched in 1904. 90+ years later, it took 17 years to open 3 stations (commissioned in 2000, launched in 2017). Of course, you can make the argument that the modern projects had more complications to navigate, but it’s still a crazy magnitude of difference.
  5. Amazon Prime shipped in 6 weeks.
  6. The iPod shipped in 290 days.
  7. The Empire State shipped in 410 days.




Venture builder at fail ventures.

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Katerina Yip

Katerina Yip

Venture builder at fail ventures.

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